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Security as a whole is important and covers so many aspects and that is where Professional Protection Specialists provide help. Not only do we offer 20 Hour Basic Security, we also offer 40 Hour Basic/Firearms Training as well. Professional Protection Specialists are trained by professionals with over 30 years in the law enforcements and all specialists are fully licensed, registered, insured and certified. We know what it means to build professional, reliable security personal.Firearm Security Training in Chicago

Professional Protection Specialists offer basic security training, fire arm training, and armed secured training. We are a security school that teaches the right type of training for the best security and armed security jobs. We provide the knowledge for training in private security, armed security, and basic security. We offer to very best to each and every client that contacts us. It is guaranteed.

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There is an array of different companies who need trained security personal and we aim to places. It doesn’t matter if you need armed and/or unarmed officers, event security, parking lot/building security, arson/fire scene security, trucking company yard protection or crowd control security.

Even if we do not have a service listed that you want, please contact us. Ask about it because more than likely, we do offer it.

Security companies should aim at providing the best security options and that is what we strive at. Not only can we deliver the best training but we can also help you to find an employment as well. If you are in Chicago, Illinois and believe that security jobs fit into your future, give us a call and we’ll get you set up.

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