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Security Training in Chicago

Security as a whole is important and covers so many aspects and that is where Professional Protection Specialists provide help. Not only do we offer 20 Hour Basic Security, we also offer 40 Hour Basic/Firearms Training as well. Professional Protection Specialists are trained by professionals with over 30 years in the law enforcements and all…


Background Checks in Chicago IL

What Good Does A Background Check Do? Background checks are extremely important in a world full of frauds and fakes. Unfortunately, more than not, that is what the world boils down to, varying from place to place. Sure, there are still plenty of good people out there in the world today but they do not…


Skip Tracing Services in Chicago

How Skip Tracing Can Help You Does someone owe you money? Are you looking for someone that has been left an inheritance? If so, there is a fast and effective approach to finding them. It’s called skip tracing. Skip tracing is the ability to use various methods to find someone who has seemingly fallen off…